Vitabetter Is Redefining the Future of Vitamins with Its All-New Better C

The Company Is Playing A Major Role In Helping People Boost Their Immune System In Today’s Pandemic Struck World


Los Angeles, CA 06/15/2020 — Renowned US-based vitamin solutions manufacturer, VitaBetter, proudly announce the launch of its amazing innovative vitamin solution called Better C. Based in California, VitaBetter is a direct manufacturer of advanced liposomal vitamin products and innovative vitamin packaging solutions.Liposomal Vitamin C has endless advantages, and also offers remarkable antioxidant effects. The Covid-19 virus is best fought by havingstrong immunity, and VitaBetter aims to helppeople achieve this.

“We take great pride in creating custom liposomal vitamin formulas that provide maximum absorption and bioavailability.” Said the spokesperson of VitaBetter, while talking about the company. “We distribute our products around the world, and we are specifically certified for liposome manufacturing.” He added. According to the company spokesperson, Liposomal Vitamin C benefits are remarkable, and it exhibits highly beneficial immunity booster effects. Furthermore, Better C is also highly effective in fighting cancer cells in the body.

In today’s pandemic struck world, having a strong immune system is extremely important, and Better C by VitaBetter is an ideal solution to boost the immune system. The liposome is basically nature’s perfect delivery package. With Better C, the company has primarily found a natural way to deliver any vitamin directly to the source without harming the body. Liposomes are lipids injected with vitamins, minerals, or other active compounds. Liposomes have been known to protect active compounds through the stomach and through the intestines, where much higher concentrations are made available to the body.

Liposomal vitamins present in Better C are absorbed ten times more than an average oral vitamin. According to VitaBetter, the artificial, sugared-down, genetically modified, and minimally effective vitamin fad is ending now, and VitaBetter is offering perfect natural alternatives in the form of Better C.

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